A good photography logo will leave a lasting impression on your clients—just like your photographs! While you may know how to create that experience behind the lens, we’re about to show you how to make it happen in a logo design. Here we’ve gathered some great examples that will inspire you to choose a photography logo that’s picture perfect for your business!

Vintage photography logos full of nostalgia

Photography logo with vintage font
by ultrastjarna

Seeing a 35mm photo evokes feelings of nostalgia, warmth and memories. If your photography business specializes in classic styles of photography, your logo should speak to those same feelings. A great way to accomplish that is to use vintage fonts from the time periods in which film was commonly used. In the examples above we see fonts that are reminiscent of Art Deco, hand-cut letterpress fonts and even old-school cursive.

Clever logos for unique photography businesses

Photography logo with clever concept
by dirtyapesTM studios for Dronebot
Photography logo with clever concept
by Ovidiu G. for Mystic Face Photography
Photography logo with clever concept
by ann@

If you own a photography business that does more than just the standard point-and-shoot, it’s a good idea to consider a conceptual logo that helps clients understand what you do.

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Take for example the Capturing America logo, which turns the American flag into an aperture. This clever concept helps explain that Capturing America is a business that specializes in taking stock photographs across America which capture the essence of the country.

Similarly, the logo for Dronebot features a clever concept depicting colorful lines shooting dowards from a happy drone. This helps explain to clients that Dronebot specializes in drone photography (even to people less familiar with drones).

Line art logos with focus on composition and aesthetics

Photography logo with modern line work
by Skilline for Take Me There

Experienced photographers know that a good photo often comes down to composition, space, lines and aesthetics. One way to state an understanding of these photographic fundamentals in a logo is to create a clever composition, complemented by clean and modern line art.

We love how the Take Me There logo creates a solid, symmetrical composition which includes water, trees, mountains, a sunrise and a whale tail! The design sends a clear message—this photographer knows how to make a composition! As an added bonus, if you prefer clean and minimal aesthetics this approach will take you there.

Fun photography logos with visual puns and metaphors

Photography logo with visual pun
by sanjar
Photography logo with visual pun
by SSJ Blue™ for Journey Junkies

Clients of photography businesses are often visual people who understand what an image represents when they see it. One way a logo design can grab the attention of a visual person is to create a visual pun or metaphor. This works especially well for businesses with a light-hearted, approachable and fun identity.

Take for example the Journey Junkies logo design, which features a fun visual pun of a camper in the shape of a camera next to a river. Any visual person will quickly understand the humor in this visual pun, and that this company relates to travel photography. If you want to inject some fun into your logo and make it stand out visually, consider using this approach!

Logos that make your subject the star

Photography logo with illustration
by Hypergraph®
Photography logo with illustration
by petiteplume for Scott J Friedman

Sometimes all you need in a photography logo is a simple illustration of the subject matter that you specialize in shooting. It doesn’t get much easier than that! If you photograph dogs, use an illustration of a happy dog. Motorcycles? How about a cool motorcycle with a sun rising behind it? Additionally, if you are concerned about attracting the right clients, this approach is a surefire way to bring in the right people. You certainly won’t get bikers asking to bring their choppers into your dog photography studio!

Make sure your logo style fits the subject and pick a style that is a appealing to your type of customer. If people, nature or animal photography is your thing, go for a natural and fun style of logo.

Putting everything in focus

Let’s talk about how to find out where you fit into this picture. A good starting point is to think about what kind of photography business you own and what type of clients you are aiming to pull in. For example, do you specialize in vintage photography? Try a logotype with a vintage font. Does your photography focus on aesthetics and composition? Try a logo composed of modern line work. You get the picture.

The examples above are a great inspirational starting point for any photography business. From here, finding your perfect logo should be a snap!

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This article was originally written by Alex Bigman and published in 2013. It’s been updated with new information and examples.